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Led by the vision and values of Creative Director Georg Weissacher, we are actively ethical. No animal skins are used in any of our collections. 100% cruelty free, no fur and no leather. POAN loves animals, especially Bambi. It forms the backbone, the jumping off point of any product development process. We are committed to and passionate about sustainability, quality and our planet.

Integral to our sustainable ethos is the use of recycled and recyclable materials in order to reduce waste and our impact on the earth, wherever it is possible to do so.

From product to biodegradable packaging we are passionate about doing all we can. Creating new and innovative ways of reinterpreting and optimising the consumption of existing materials. Even our “fur” is Steiff teddy bear factory off-cuts sourced from Germany. 70% of all POAN packaging is recyclable and we have measures in place to reduce the packaging used between our factories and distributors.

In an industry that struggles to retain sustainable credibility, POAN endeavour to lead the way. Not to pay simple lip service but to live and breathe these values day to day. We employ a new model of economy: our head office computers and mobile phone are refurbished, we are rigorous recyclers and electric car services for city travel are the only first choice.

Georg has made and maintained strong and meaningful relationships with our suppliers, makers and craftsmen. He believes that teamwork, community and integration at all levels and departments is the best and only way to build a truly forward-thinking and sustainable brand.


In Africa, POAN works closely with charitable organisations that promote inclusive grassroots soccer schemes. Dedicated products and small collections are created too to help raise essentials funds to educate local youths on the prevention of sexually-transmitted infections.

We also make sure our products are modern slavery free, ensuring that anyone involved in product manufacture, sourcing and development - as well as our own staff - are paid a good, living wage.

In Italy, where the majority of our product is made, we work with small family-run businesses. Where the celebration of true local artisans creates a more personal, less mass produced journey from maker to customer. Promoting true authenticity and traceability is essential to Georg and to POAN.