Peoples of All Nations (POAN) is the luxury fashion brand created by Georg
Weissacher, ex-head at Vivienne Westwood. Each collection is inspired by
what he believes to be the most intriguing human condition of all: Love.

Georg’s fascination for love started after reading ‘The Art of Loving’ by
Erich Fromm and ‘The Four Loves’ in which author C.S. Lewis describes
four types of love:

Eros - erotic, passionate love.
Storge - the love of parents for children.
Philia - love of friends and equals.
Agape - the love of all humankind.

Having read these books and drawing from his own experiences, Georg
concluded that love is something you learn. Through POAN , he combines
this fascination with his passion for fashion, taking us on a journey to
understanding love.

What is the meaning of true love in modern culture? Is true love dead? Has
it become a dirty word?
Georg explores these questions by turning them
into short films, which are then woven into the DNA of his collections.

Our clothes have become one of the strongest expressions of who we are.
They give us confidence and identity; for many of us, they have become
like a second skin. By exploring love in all its forms, POAN creates its
collections through ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ (total art - a symbiosis of film,
fashion, and music), promoting acceptance and the inclusion of people
across all races, religions, gender, sexuality, age, and ability.