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An acronym of Peoples of All Nations, POAN sells and makes clothes through telling love stories.

We were founded in 2016 by Georg Weissacher, former Vice Head of Menswear at Vivienne Westwood. In establishing the brand our Austrian-born designer-turned-CEO cherished the curiosity of Hammerton’s novel "PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS" applying it with passion, to contemporary life. Embracing tolerance, love and sustainability.


Our ongoing series of bimonthly "Love Collections" expressed through short films is where our mission comes to life.

From Schnitzler/Kubrickian psycho-drama and self-written Leone inspired Spaghetti Westerns to modern interpretations of a pre Second World War story about family love as told in The Sound of Music.  

The world of film and literature is often at the heart of our storytelling in an Hellenistic attempt to compose a "Gesamtkunstwerk"

Simultaneously showcasing POAN signature shapes whom aspire to reflect the ever-changing shapes of human identity.

Our design studio is located in London close to the Royal Albert Hall and an essential part of daily life at POAN.  It is passionately led by Georg, also with our responsibility to the planet in mind, striving to lessen our impact on the environment and to be animal cruelty free as quickly and effectively as we can, yes Georg is a vegetarian, but he does not condemn "animal devourers" :)

We know that the fashion industry at large has a long way to go, but we try to do our very best to be as responsible as we can.

First and foremost in making design & quality driven collections in unimaginable limited editions for this time and age. Generally only up to 5 repetitions are made of one design.

Secondly we honour our artisanal workshops through close and friendly relationships, of which the majority of them are located in and around Florence, Italy.

Thirdly the ever-growing commitment to invest in sustainably sourced materials and certified processes.