The Bacchus collection is inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s dream story, which has been put on screen by Stanley Kubrick in Eyes Wide Shut.

It’s a complex love story that finds resolve only via mutual trust and honesty.

There is a distinct Freudian element to it, putting emphasis on the subconscious, which is reflected by dreamy prints in the collection, which are drawn from the fur of German shepherd dogs.

Yet, it’s a collection fit for the festival season. A tangerine tulle dress complemented by a black wool halter-neck makes a statement on the women’s side.

For him, dense, knitted smoking jackets provide a luxurious, yet relaxed look for upscale parties.

A shirt with lipstick prints does not take itself too seriously, and a mirror- print tshirt provides a reflective

look. The more approachable, down to earth segment of the collection includes simple, but refined knitwear, a subtly patterned cardigan, or a two-tone tube dress.

POAN strives for modernity and honours streetwear influences, makes them their own in slouchy cotton pieces with sexy prints, inspired by bondage scenes, like an Araki print in colour.

Dressing up and dressing down, both is a valid fashion statement, for POAN, however, the love of special fabrics and an individual style must not be compromised.

Please fasten your seatbelt....