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A couple are sitting on a
table and are having the olddiscussion about god and howgod doesn’t prevent sufferingetc... Georg comes along andoffers help. 


A fancy POAN hot air ballonlands in Egypt, they travel onto Mount Sinai by the RedSea, they get out of the carand there is a red button onthe mountain, which is pushedand a door opens. They get inan time machine which lookslike an elevator / it’s a spaceship travel through time. 


They get off a bit too lateand witness “leaving thegarden of Eden” which weweren’t thrown out of but justsimply left, over the first everrelationship argument... (theApple had nothing to do withit) 


Now the get out at the righttime and there is a battle is infull blast, Moses=Akhenatentried to prevent the peoplefrom smashing their heads

in helplessly he prays to godwho splits the sea (god likesMoses-Akhenaten) 


God splits the sea & takes theblinds of people and they seethe entire truth of everythingand everyone... they all

relax and sit down to have acommunal picnic and a goodchat, figure things out, teachanother, dance & hug... nextto the water walls, they don’teat the fish but play/talk withit.

Everybody is super happy andrelaxed they all doze off untilone burbs... the other one feltthat to be inappropriate andcomplains & a chain reactionis set in motion that lets thewhole debacle unfold againand the war continues... 


Sea closes again and thepeoples are divided, stillangry about the other onesover on the other side.Aknhaten=Moses in themiddle on a boat shaking hishead rowing off. 


We see both parties writingtexts interpreting whathappened in their own way,GOSSIPPING away. 


God created us with all
the tools to be happy andharmonious & free but we
just simply are too selfishand preoccupied to live thatway, as we don’t understandthat we are one in the many -harmony through diversity. 


The notion of bridging thestyle gap, from Egypt’s biblicalhistory to modern-day military aesthetics, form the base of inspiration for our seventh collection, “SINAI”.

POAN’s Founder and designer, Georg Weissacher has an underlying emotive influence of love behind each collection, SINAI is no different- the notion of love which encouraged the collections name and stylistic references surrounding Egypt, sprouted from an Agape (Godly) type ofLove: Anticipation has built up over time on how to overcome this age of the new normal, and it is exciting to be releasing a collection now, which is built upon an unconditional, universal form of love.

Collection features which focuson the modernity of Egyptian style rather than its classical past, include Matisse inspired prints of colourful paper cut-outs in the idiosyncratic style the French painter has pursued in his ‘Egyptian Curtain’. Blacks,greens and reds are combinedin blocky features, layered ontop of each other to frame aheart printed on a top. Movinginto SINAI has seen a largeravailability of outerwear andeveningwear pieces matchingthe mood of the seasons weare in and also approaching. 

French painter has pursued inhis ‘Egyptian Curtain’. Blacks, greens and reds are combined in blocky features, layered on top of each other to frame a heart printed on a top. 

Moving into SINAI has seen a larger availability of outerwear and eveningwear pieces matching the mood of the seasons we are in and also approaching. 

The various elements this collection holds transgress into each other for classic tailored moments as well as party looks where a cropped camouflage jacket can be styled over a short halter-neck tulle dress. 

reflection of the dichotomy of conflict and celebration which has been part of modern Egypt so ostensibly. 

Tahrir Square is a symbolic place that immortalises a spirit of revolution which is cited into this collection’s dark hoodies in grey suede.

Warmer tones are the backdrop to camouflage prints in green and shades of grey which serve as a founding element of many pieces and POAN's sport - street style character.

Aside from faux suede, main collection materials include the introduction of new and different vegan, natural fabrics as we look for more ethical and sustainable solutions across our limited edition piece collections brand. 

Previous incarnations of cruelty free furs have returned in key moments provided by Steiffschulte with the addition of vegan leathers.

“Harmony Through Diversity, a prominent brand value and theme which we encourage and celebrate through our name first and foremost, being tackled this time around through a fresh notion of love and at a point where humanity globally is also pushing a similar message feels important for us as a brand” 

Yours sincerely,