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The Wild West is a myth, a place that is often referred to as the realm of true freedom, where man (and woman) is not bound by the strict rules of society, and by the law not too much, either. Violence occurs, in a society of primordial state, and love is pure and raw, not yet biased by other concerns, or family favours. In a world without official checks and balances, concepts of good and bad become individual choices that can be built upon, or discarded equally quickly.

POAN goes west, in a spiritual more than a geographic sense – and explores its free state of mind in a film project, honouring the medium that established the genre. In our take on the wild west, taboos are being broken. The sheriff falls for the gangster. Girls can take their liberties in love, too. As it is a complicated world with the roles of good and bad guys not always clearly distinguishable, sexual orientations potentially shifting, our take on the genre allows the unexpected to happen. For us, the wild west is a laboratory of love, where research is being conducted in order to prove and disprove a range of ideas. That’s the spirit that enshrines the concept wild west as place of ultimate freedom.

Written for POAN by George Ghon

14th of September 2019